We all know that being without a car is a major inconvenience.
Even more so trying to get your car to a repair facility then having to get a ride home and then a ride back there to pick up your car. Well we have made that task a little easier. We offer same day pick up and delivery of your vehicle for service. In other words we will come to your home or office in one of our six personalized service vehicles, pick up your car, perform the necessary service and return it that same day at NO additional charge.
We also offer shuttle service to your home or office.

We also have our own tow truck and perform all types of road assistance including battery jumps, flat tires and lock-out service.

Our New Services:

BODY SHOP: Whether it's replacing your front end from a recent fender bender, restoring your older vehicle's original appearance, touching up your leased vehicle's finish or returning your dented newer car to showroom condition, Vince Iacone's has the perfect repair and pricing option. With our access to new aftermarket body parts, mirrors and wheels, your repairs just become less expensive!

PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL: Removes dents and dings from vehicles without affecting the original factory finish. Using specially designed tools, our skilled technicians reform body metal back to its original condition at a fraction of what a conventional shop would charge. GLASS REPAIR: Convenient auto glass repair or replacement service is now available at Vince Iacone's Sunoco. All of our work is guaranteed and we usually have the lowest prices!

HEADLIGHTS: Over time headlights have a tendency to yellow, fog and ultimately cloud over as a result of UV exposure, debris and weather. Unfortunately this leads to poor vehicle appearance and compromises safety. With reduced night-time visibility, road hazards become even more dangerous. Vince Iacone's Headlight Restoration offers a solution to restore the clarity of your lenses. In most cases, our process will restore your original headlights back to their factory crystal clear appearance. Bright and clear headlights will drastically increase your safety and improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. We also offer the lowest prices if you prefer to replace your headlamps.

WHEEL REPAIRS: Vince Iacone's has the capacity to repair most types of wheels and rims. Our technicians straighten bent rims and repair all cosmetic damage to aluminium and alloy rims, including curb rash, scrapes, gouges and discoloration caused by age. We can repair your wheel to like new condition at fraction of the cost of a replacement wheel. we also have access to new wheels if necessary. We perform all automotive services from oil changes to engine overhauls. Including:

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